Monday, August 31, 2009

First Post of the New Blog

This past weekend I took my first backpacking trip ever. I've only ever camped outside in a tent once in my life, and that was during a canoe trip and we camped on the beach. My friend Michelle and I ventured into the Holy Cross Wilderness to do a loop trail called Missouri Lakes/Fancy Pass. We left Friday afternoon and hiked in about 3 miles and set up camp near one of the smaller Missouri Lakes. We set up the camp stove and made a yummy dinner, drank some wine, did a crossword, and watcher Michelle's dog Summit roll in some stinky animal crap (literally). The morning brought perfect blue skies which helped provide the perfect sky and mountain reflection on the crystal clear blue lake.

We set off about 10 am to complete the remainder of the 8 mile loop. The remaining five miles involved crossing two mountain passes: Missouri Pass and Fancy pass, both of which provided a good challenge of steep, rocky terrain. Descending Fancy Pass was also a challenge because of its steep, rocky, and loose skreet terrain. We saw a bunch of pika (hamster like rodents with big ears) and marmots (think woodchuck)along the hike. Pictures are available here:

Overall my assessment of backpacking is: it isn't easy - at all, but its definitely worth it. I'm looking forward to my next trip (once my feet and blisters heal) :)

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