Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Canning Crazy!

If you've noticed, I've been a bit MIA over the past 10 days or so because I have been a kitchen maniac.  The canner came out a few days ago, and hasn't gone back in its home since.

It all started when I found a little farmer's market in town last week.  The guy was selling organic Colorado apples, and I bought a 15 pound box for cheap!  So I set out to make homemade apple sauce.  Then some of the apple sauce became apple butter.  Then, since the canner was out, I decided to attack the BOX of onions that I harvested from our garden....and those got pickled.  Then I had a ton of pickling liquid left over, so I made pickled cauliflower and pickles.  That's one heck of a domino effect, ya think?

The fruits of my labor yielded:

4 quart jars of home made apple sauce
4 half pint jars of home made apple butter
10 half pint jars of pickled onions
4 pint jars of pickled cauliflower
5 quart jars of dill pickles
2 pint jars of sweet pickles

(from left to right: pickles, apple sauce, sweet pickles, cauliflower, apple butter, and pickled onions!)

I'm pooped!  Although, I might get back at it again and can some home made marinara sauce sometime soon :)

Does all this fruiting of labor make my Halloween Costume any more appropriate:

Haha, I rule (at least I think so)!


  1. nice work angie! i'm currently obsessed with apple butter. :)

  2. Awesome post! I would LOVE your applesauce recipe!!