Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day

Well, Labor Day weekend saw some fun times, especially since I had a four day weekend!

Friday, my friend Michelle and I went to the Taste of Colorado in Denver, where you walk around downtown and buy ridiculously priced bits of food from vendors representing Denver's many restaraunts. There are also crafters and artisans who are offering their cheesy goods for sale. And Grand Funk Railroad played...Everybody's doing a brand new dance now, come on the LOCOMOTION!

Of course the night ended with beers at the DAM followed by an unexpected trip to Bootleggers, a serious dive bar with a great band. I got to hang out with a cool guy and Michelle got a phone number. Well, I got a phone number FOR her after she left - when does that ever happen, a guy comes up and gives me a number for her. Totally random!

Saturday and Sunday were the Country Music Festival at Copper Mountain where I saw Little Feat, Oakhurst (hippy dancing), and America! Saturday night saw more drinks and dancing at Bootleggers amongst other things. I need to stop staying up until 3 am!

Monday was a trip to Denver for the Rockies game, which was a nice break from partying until 3am :) The Rockies won, whoo hoo (kinda).

Pictures to come!

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