Thursday, February 18, 2010

Alright, I suppose its time for my slackass to start blogging again, eh?

I just returned from an amazing week in Aspen, Colorado for the annual Summit Expression Session. This is an event that brings together 150+ alpine snowboarders for a week of recreational riding. I enjoy the week because I get to reconnect with friends from back east and others who I get to see once a year in Aspen. If you've never been to Aspen, let me tell you something....Aspen is the SHIT. From the impecable groom to the ambiance of the town, Aspen can't be beat. While I had been there before, this trip had a few unexpected (but awesome) suprises in store for me.

And since this is a food blog, I'll get on with it...but the whole Aspen thing has a connection here! I had the privledge of going out on Thursday night (a week ago) to a wonderful dinner at a new spot in town called Ellina. If you're ever in Aspen you MUST check it out. And for those of you who know me and my obsession with the Food Network, you will appreciate this: we were waiting for our table and the head chef came out of the kitchen. I looked at her and immediately knew I had seen her before, and then I realized that just a few weeks ago she competed on Iron Chef America! It took everything in me not to squeal with excitement.

After eating her food, I can see why she was on there. I had a plate of perfectly seared scallops (which I had been craving) topped with fried parsnips (think parsnip onion rings) and served with a cranberry jasmine rice. SO an appetizer we had this octopus thing that I never in a million years would have ordered of my own free will. It was seared octopus on a risotto cake with some sauce and microgreens. I had to think about it a few times, but once I had a proper palette tasting with the wine we were drinking (which was also fantastic, but hell if I can remember what it was), I was sold. It pays to have a nice dining experience with a good, knowledgable companion. Thanks Jim :-D

Also, I just realized that she opened the place on my BIRTHDAY! :)

So in lieu of a recipe today, I will just leave you with my scintilating review of dining in Aspen and a product of the day...which I happen to be munching on right now:

Cascadian Farms Organic Pomegranite Raspberry Clusters.

Think Chex on CRACK. Mmm.

Here's to hoping I won't be a slacker blogger (how many times have I said that now??)


  1. Nice post on Ellina. Will you leave us a review at

  2. Love your blog, really nice!! I have to try that cereal!!!! Chex on crack? I am so in!!!!