Monday, October 26, 2009


Today's Praise: Morning Star Farms Bacon Strips

Today's Recipe: Fruit Dip (short and sweet)

Well, I apologize for my lack of blogging over the past week. I was back in Boston visiting old friends and taking the exam from HELL, so I was kind of preoccupied and tied up most of the week. My brain was also fried like a potato chip, so thinking of clever things to blog wasn't happening. But, I am back and better than ever...and ready to blog 'til my little heart is content.

A word about today's praise: we know I'm not big on processed foods but I feel that its worth sharing the ones that I think are worthy of a place in my diet. I like to throw two of these Morning Star Bacon strips in the microwave, cook an egg in a pan, toast an Arnold Sandwich Thin, and spread 3 cubes of Laughing Cow Cheese bites on it and make a yummy fairly good for you breakfast sammy. MMM. Add a big glass of Organic Skim Milk and I'm in heaven!

So my recipe today is a short and sweet one that comes right from my Mama. Its a dip that is great with fresh fruit, so its a good way to liven up strawberries, bananas (the best combo with this), grapes, and other fruits so that you'll eat more of them. Super simple and a great take along to a party or picnic (season permitting).

Soni's Fruit Dip:
8 oz package of cream cheese (1/3 less fat works, dont' use gets runny)
7 oz (small jar) of Kraft Marshmallow Cream
1 tsp strawberry extract OR 4-5 strawberries mashed to smithereens

Make sure the cream cheese is super soft, leave it out over night if you can. Mix all the ingredients and serve with your fave fruit. Makes a great snack!

I'll give you a more substantial recipe tomorrow, promise ;)

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