Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Thanks for checking out my blog and agreeing, in some way (?), to be part of my journey into the world of vegetarianism.

Like I said, I am a meat lover...but I've realized that eating meat isn't A. a necessity and B. the healthiest part of one's diet. Eating habits in the U.S. have put meat in the center stage of every meal, with portions that are outrageous in size. Americans get more than twice as much protien as is needed due to the large portions of meat that are eaten in this country. It has been proven that a more plant based diet has increased health benefits, so I am on track to find out if this is really true.

My start towards a veggie life started with the exclusion of red meat from my diet in an attempt to reduce the amount of cholesterol I was eating. Around the same time, I also saw the movie Food, Inc., which really opened my eyes to how industrialized agriculture is handled in this country. As cameras went inside meat packing plants and "free range" chicken houses, I saw that the animals are treated very inhumanely and the sanitation is appalling. So it is a combination of health and humanitarianism that has led me to the world of veggie (well technically pescatarian, because I will still eat fish and seafood).

Now that I have presented my soapbox, I will get off of it and start the lighter, poke fun at myself nature, this blog is intended to have!

Oh, I should also mention that I've also become an Organic "whore" for lack of a better word. Just call me Hippie from now on ;) I'm also a faithful Weight Watchers follower, and have lost 30 pounds in January 2009. I still have a little ways to until I reach my goal, so I may mention some of that from time to time as well!

A note: older posts than this Welcome were imported from a very short lived blog about my life in Colorado. I figured you might enjoy them too!

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