Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So I'm spending the week working in our Longmont, Colorado office, and I can summize it with a few words: I want to go home!

Every time I leave the mountains, I realize how much I love it there because its the only place I want to be. Longmont isn't even Denver, its a suburb way north of Denver and there is nothing here! Except for a.....drumroll....Ross Dress for LESS! I'll be hitting that up before I head back up the hill at the end of the week :)

I suppose its a good thing that I"m here in this boring town all alone staying in a boring hotel, because now I have no excuse not to study for the PE exam that is rapidly approaching!

I'll be back in the big Bean from October 20th through the 25th to take it. Although, my primary reason for coming back seems to be more to get through the exam so I can party with the old crew. Looking forward to seeing everyone while I'm back.

Beantown Pub Saturday, October 24 at 8pm. Be there or be square.

In other news, Angie is now a vegetarian :)

I stopped eating red meat a few months ago, which was easy because I had done that before...but I'm about two weeks into full vegie-ism, and so far I have no complaints!

Back to work at Initech. Hopefully once this exam study crap is over, I"ll post more on my blog because I"ll have all kinds of time to do NOTHING!

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