Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So today I started the Beachbody INSANITY Workout. I did the Fit Test yesterday, which is fairly hard itself. You do eight moves that are variations of squats, lunges, pushups, etc and count how many reps you can do in one minute. Then write that down on your chart, and you do the fit test every two weeks during the 60 days INSANITY work out so you can track your progress.

I stick the dvd in the player this morning, turn on the Heart Rate Monitor and go to work. I was sweating before the warm up was over. The workout involves max interval training, so you basically suck wind for like three minutes, get a 30 second water break, and then do it all over again. We did these level 1 drills from hell where you had to jump down into a plank, do four push-ups, then do kicks in the plank position, jump back up and then repeat. Mix that in with suicides, power squats, basketball jumps, and wicked fast jabs and I felt like I was back at volleyball bootcamp when we used to do 3-a-days! By the end of the work out, I had burned almost 400 calories during the 40 minutes (15 of which was stretching, warm-up and cool down), had a max heart rate over 170 and was drenched. It will be interesting to see if I can get out of bed tomorrow, since I could already feel it two hours after I was done.

I'm both scared and excited to continue the regime tomorrow...and hope I don't die in the next 60 days.

Also, as part of the workout, they recommend you take a before photo to compare the results at the end of the 60 days. So, I did that yesterday, and for fun I decided to update my "before and after" photo for my overall weight loss. So I'll share it here.

The picture on the left is exactly two years ago, the day I moved to Breckenridge. The picture on the right is yesterday...35 lbs gone. Hopefully INSANITY will help me toss the last 15. Can't wait to see the before and after INSANITY pictures...and then see the after insanity picture next to the true before pic. Go me!

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