Friday, September 3, 2010

The Blog Lives Again

So as I mentioned in my last post.....from like 5 months ago, I am no longer embracing a vegetarian lifestyle. I found that I was craving pieces of protein too often, and eating Morning Star patties and Boca burgers is not the avenue I wanted to go. So, with Jim's help (read: urging), I have incorporated meat back into my diet. I started with organic chicken breast and now also include organic chicken thighs and organic beef from local areas of Colorado. I stay away from grocery store pork because it is treated with sodium products to help the packaging, but pork from a butcher is a great treat.

And as if reincorporating meat into my diet wasn't extreme enough after living as a veggie, we are also now breeding rabbits. Let's rewind to explain this:

In June, I moved to Aspen. Jim and I also moved in together into a new place for both of us - an apartment above the garage on a little farm. The farm has chickens for eggs, meat chickens that were butchered last month, two goats who will be bread for meat, four dogs, and a huge garden. And Jax! Jim had been thinking about breeding rabbits and much to his chagrin found that our Landlord had been thinking the same thing, so our contribution to the farm is Angus, Kiki, and Collete - the bunnies. They are very cute, and playing with the three of them is about as far into the breeding operation as I dare go.

Kiwi when she was a baby (they are now about three months old)

Angus and Collete also as babies. Angus is HUGE now!

As an aside, when I moved to Aspen, I also left the engineering life behind. I'm not sure whether this has been a temporary or permanent move, but I have to say I am quite enjoying the world in which I now find myself immersed: the art world. That's right folks, I am the Sales and Marketing Director of the Tania Dibbs Gallery, and I am lucky to work with a single artist who has her own gallery and who is AWESOME.

Check her out:

Now back to the earthy crunchy life. I just bought a road bike, so expect to read about my exploits on what is now my most expensive toy. Yes, I'm pretty sure my bike cost more than my car is worth. I think tomorrow, I will tell you the story of how me and said spendy thing came to be.

One of the other things I plan to enlighten you all about is the INSANITY work out. I ordered it this past week online, so if I'm able to lift my arms to type, I will give you some feedback on it. I hear its one hell of an ass kicker!

So, friends, I leave you with this Reader's Digest version of my life since April. Let's see if I can actually commit to blogging more and telling you about life in the high rent district of Aspen!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Ok, well FYI, "I found that I was craving pieces of protein too often, and eating Morning Star patties and Boca burgers is not the avenue I wanted to go."-- then you're not doing it right, and you're eating like a vegetarian at a Red Robin's. People think all we eat is tofu and boca burgers. It's like thinking all Hispanic people eat nothing but tacos.

  2. I'm just saying it's one thing to just like meat and want to eat it. There's nothing wrong with that. It's another thing to blame vegetarian diet, when that's not really a true vegetarian diet.

    Ok I'm done.